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You can listen to Miquette's theremin performance on this page. Time to time, new recordings will be added but also there is nostalgic old recordings.=>Miquette's Profile
Do you know THEREMIN? Theremin is the oldest electronic musical instrument. Believe or not, you can play the instrument without touching it.
The right figure shows Etherwave, a popular theremin, made by Moog Music (former BigBriar).


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How to Listen to the Miquette's Theremin Music

Aliens new

      Composed by Yasuyuki Horigome


      Composed by Manuel M. Ponc  Arranged by Jascha Heifetzas

Quarantine (from First Man)

      Composed by Justin Hurwitz

The Summer Knows / Summer of '42

      Composed by Michel Legrand

Suzhou Nocturne / Soshuu yakyoku

      Composed by Liu Chi  Arranged by Hattori Ryoichi

High sky / Ta ka i sra

      Composed by Liu Chi  Arranged by Manzo

My Motherland / Uo Dei Zu Gwo

      Composed by Liu Chi  Arranged by Moclin

Theme of "Rabbit" / Theme of "U-sa"

      Composed by Jun Yamamoto

Yastura no ashioto no ballads(Their ballads of footsteps) / Hajime Ningen Gyatoruz

      Composed by Hiroshi Kamayatsu

Lupin Love Theme

      Composed by Yuji Ohno

Denwa wo suruyo (I will call you)

      Composed by Sin Watanabe(WATANABABY)

Minna yime no naka (Everything in the dream)

      Composed by Kuranosuke Hamaguchi

221B, BAKER STREET / sherlock holmes

      Composed by Patrick Gowers


      Composed by Joe Meek

Sonate pour clarinette et piano 2. Romanza (Tres calme)

      Composed by Francis Jean Marcel Poulenc

Apres un reve

      Composed by Gabriel Urbain Faure

COLUMBO-Mystery Movie Theme

      Composed by Henry Mancini

Candlelight Carol(Live)

      Composed by John Rutter

The town where a little bird comes.(Kotori go kurumachi)

      Composed by Shousuke Ichikawa

Late summer(Banka)

      Composed by Yumi Arai


      Composed by Hirotaka Iauni/THE SQUARE

Cant dels Ocells - Birdsong

      Catalonia folk song  Arranged by Pau Casals

The main themes of 'Gunshi Kanbee'

      Composed by Yugo Kanno  Arranged by Jun Yamamoto

You & Night & Whisky

      Composed by Masamichi Sugi

Albeniz - Tango

      Composed by Isaac Albeniz

Rock 'n' Ave Maria

      Composed by Giulio Caccini, Vladimir Vavilov

"Autumn In Rome" from Stazione Termini

      Composed by Alessandro Cicognini

"RED" Theremin Version

      Composed by Uniuni, Lyrics by Masaya Imoto

"Walking In The Air" from "The Snowman"

      Composed by Howard Blake Arranged by Jun Yamamoto


      Composed by Carlos D'Alessio


      Composed by Michael Nyman

Star-circling song

      Composed by Kenji Miyazawa

A Rose for Ecclesiastes (3 Gymnopedies) for Theremin and Piano (2005)

      Composed by Jun Yamamoto

The Song of Therru (accompanied with the piano)

      Composed by Hiroko Taniyama

Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini Variation 18:Andante cantabile (D flat major)

      Composed by Sergei Rachmaninoff


      Composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto

Chiisana Sora (Small Sky)

     Composed by Toru Takemitsu


      Popular music in 1920's in Greece

Songs flowing like winds- theme from "Getsuyo-Kumikyoku (Monday Suite)"

      Composed by Kazumasa Oda

"Ieji"- Largo from Symphomy No. 9 "From the New World" the 2nd movement

      composed by Antonin Leopold Dvorak

Bachianas Brasileiras No.5 Cantilena

      Composed by Heitor Villa-Lobos

Santa Clause is My Boy Friend

      Composed by Yumi Matsutoya (Yuming)

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

      Composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto

Sonata Pour Piano et Violon en La majeur, 1st movement

      Composed by Cesar Franck

Playing Love

      Composed by Ennio Morricone

A Life Is Like One Long Cigarette

      Composed by Hiroko Taniyama

Sakura Sakura

      Japanese Old Song


      Composed by Kosaku Yamada

Bella Notte

      Composed by Sonny Burke-Peggy Lee

Vocalise Etude no. 151

      Composed by Olivier Messiaen

Brazil (Aquarela do Brasil)

      Composed by Ary Barroso

Moonlight (Tuki no hikari)

      Music & Lyric by Manzo

Train Station of Face (Kao no eki)

      Composed by Hiroko Taniyama

You must believe in spring

      Composed by Michel Legrand

Berceuse op.16

      Composed by Gabriel Urbain Faure

Meditation de Thais

      Composed by Jules Emile Frederic Massenet


      Composed by Gabriel Urbain Faure

Melodia Sentimental

      Composed by Heitor Villa-Lobos

"Proof of Human" (Ningen-no-Shomei) (Live)

      Composed by Yuji Ohno

Woman (from the movie "Tragedy of W")

      Composed by Karuho Kureta (Yumi Matsutoya)

The Rose

      Composed by Amanda McBroom

So in Love

      Composed by Cole Porter

White Christmas

      Composed by Irving Berlin/Arranged by Miquette

Christ is born

      Composed by Ray Charles and Domenico Bartolucci

Be Wind-for Green (Kaze ni nare - Midori no tameni)

      Composed by Hiroko Taniyama

Aria di chiesa

      Composed by Alessandro Stradella


      Composed by Pablo de Sarasate


      Composed by Jun Yamamoto


      Composed by Giulio Caccini

Song of Therru(the movie preview version)

      Composed by Hiroko Taniyama

Visionally Moon (Maboroshi no tsuki)

      Composed by Sadayoshi Okamoto / COIL

Ave Maria Ave Maria

      Composed by Johann Friedrich Franz Burgmuller Arranged by Jun Yamamoto

Nessun dorma(TURANDOT) Nessun dorma(TURANDOT)

       Composed by G.Puccini


      Composed by Astor Piazzolla Arranged by Katsuhiro Oguri

A Rose for Ecclesiastes

      Composed by Jun Yamamoto

Memories of Time (Toki no kioku)

      Composed by Yoko Kanno   Accompanied by Jun Yamamoto

Ave Maria Ave Maria

      Composed by Franz Schubert

Er Quan Ying Yue (Moon Reflected in Er Quan) This is a very famous tune for erhu (2-stringed Chinese instrument played with a bow). I played this with the theremin solo. Currently in status of trial and error.

      Composed by HUA Yan-jun(=Ah Bing)

"Shikararete" (Being Scolded) Shikararete

      Composed by Ryutaro Hirota  Arranged by Jun Yamamoto

Ave Maria Ave Maria

      Composed by C. F. Gounod-J. S. Bach

Clair de Lune

      Composed by Claude Achille Debussy Arrangement by Katsuhiro Oguri

Ave Maria Ave Maria

      Composed by Giulio Caccini Accompaniment by Miquette

Vocalise Op.34 No.14

      Composed by Sergei Rachmaninoff

China connection (AULD LANG SINE in Chinese Flavor) China connection (AULD LANG SINE in Chinese Flavor)

      Scotland Folklore, Arranged and Accompaniment Sequenced by Miquette

Yuyake-Koyake (Sunset glow)Yuyake-Koyake (Sunset glow)

      Composed by Shin Kusakawa  Arranged by Miquette

Le Cygne (from "Le carnaval des animaux - Grande fantaisie zoologique")

      Composed by Camille Saint-Saens

He Ri Jun Zai Lai ("When will you return?")

Air from Overture No.3 BWV.1068

      Composed by J. S. Bach

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